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Setup icaruscode

In order to setup icarucode version vXX_YY_ZZ with qualifier eNN:PPP, just do:

source /cvmfs/
setup icaruscode vXX_YY_ZZ -q eNN:PPP

Install icaruscode for development

mkdir -p ${wd}
cd ${wd}
source /cvmfs/
setup icaruscode ${vers} -q ${qual}
export MRB_PROJECT=icaruscode
mrb n -v ${vers} -q ${qual}
source ${wd}/localProducts_icaruscode_${vers}_${qual/:/_}/setup
cd srcs
mrb g -t ${vers} icaruscode
mrb install -j 2

vscode jupiter with icaruscode

Open the working directory with vscode and launch a terminal. In the terminal, run the following commands:

source /cvmfs/
setup icaruscode v09_72_00_02 -q e20:prof
export > .env
sed -i "s:declare -x ::g" .env
which python3

Copy the output of the last command which is the path of the python3 interpreter, then press Crtl + Shift + P and search for "Python interpreter".

Click on "Immettere il percorso dell'interprete" and paste the path of the python3 interpreter

Create a notebook and click on "Select the kernel" in the top right corner. Click on "Ambienti Python" and select the python3 interpreter

Then you will be able to use ROOT package and icaruscode class


For any kind of support refer to

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