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Account Request

The CNAF is the main computing center of the INFN. In order to access the computing resources you need an account that can be request following the instructions provided here. An example of the form is here.

Account Password Reset

In case you lost your password, just send an email to indicating your account and asking for password reset.

User Guide

CNAF provides a very usefull user guide for Tier1.


CNAF provides a very usefull user guide for Monitoring.


In order to access any CNAF machine, you first have to login in From there you can login to ICARUS UIs machines:


The filesystems are:

  • /cvmfs: CernVM File System (CernVM-FS)
  • /storage/gpfs_archive/icarus: tape (not accessible from UIs)
  • /storage/gpfs_data/icarus/local: disk
  • /storage/gpfs_data/icarus: disk (not writable from UIs apart fileset: /storage/gpfs_data/icarus/local)
  • /opt/exp_software/icarus: dedicated to software
  • /home/ICARUS: home directories

The disk area readable from UIs are:

  • /storage/gpfs_data/icarus/plain
  • /storage/gpfs_data/icarus/plain/user/<username>

Personal Certificate and VO Enrollment

To read and write the storage areas first you need be enrolled in the ICARUS experiment VO: The enrollment requires a valid personal certificate. Instructions on how to obtain it are here. Once you have a valid certificate, you have to install it in a browser and point (with that browser) to the Enrollment Url reported in operation portal site. Select the valid personal certificate just installed when asked for by the browser. Once you have filled the enrollment form, you have to wait for the VO manager to approve your enrollment.

Read/Write storage areas

Once enrolled, you need create a proxy. Instructions on how to create it are here.

The usefull tools to handle files are:

  • gfal-ls: List information about the file
  • gfal-copy: Copy file
  • gfal-rm: Remove file
  • gfal-mkdir: Create a directory

Detailed information about gfal utils can be found here

Job submission

Instructions on how to submit jobs are here

Submitting simple test production

To test everything is working correctly, clone this repository in your home and follow the istructions in "Launch the test production".


For any kind of support refer to

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