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Service Portfolio

Service Portfolio: Internal list that details all the services offered by a service provider, including those in preparation, live and discontinued.

Service: Way to provide value to customers through bringing about results that they want to achieve.

Service component: Logical part of a service that provides a function enabling or enhancing a service.

NOTE: A service is usually composed of several service components.

NOTE: Although a service component underlies one or more services, it usually does not create value for a customer alone and is therefore not a service by itself.

Guide: Identifying Services

Service Users Status Enabling Components Enhancing Components
E-Mail LNF Live oVirt, Kerberos Internet
AFS (home+project) LNF Live SAN
Login Interattivo Linux LNF Live oVirt, NFS, AFS
VPN LNF + INFN Live Radius, Internet
Network-plugs LNF Live Radius, Internet
Network-WiFi INFN + TerenaCommunity Live Radius, Internet
* LNF Live
www,w3,users,….lnf LNF Live oVirt, AFS, Internet
www,home,….infn INFN Live oVirt, AFS, Internet INFN Live VMWare, Internet INFN Live VMWare, Internet


  • PR1.1 A service portfolio shall be maintained. All services shall be specified as part of the service portfolio.
  • PR1.2 Design and transition of new or changed services shall be planned.
  • PR1.3 Plans for the design and transition of new or changed services shall consider timescales, responsibilities, new or changed technology, communication and service acceptance criteria.
  • PR1.4 The organisational structure supporting the delivery of services shall be identified,

including a potential federation structure as well as contact points for all parties involved.


To define and maintain a service portfolio


  • Define a way to document the service portfolio.
  • Define a way to describe / specify a specific service.
  • Set up an initial service portfolio (including service specifications) covering at least all live services provided to customers, as far as they are in the scope of the service management system.
  • Create a map of the bodies / parties (organisations, federation members) involved in delivering services.
    • Identify and describe the broad role of each party in service provisioning.
    • Identify a single contact point for each body / party.


  • Customer demand and requirements
  • Understanding of the service provider’s resources and capabilities
  • Understanding of the service provider’s limitations and constraints


  • Manage and maintain the service portfolio
    • Add a service to the service portfolio
    • Update a service in the service portfolio
    • Retire a service in the service portfolio
  • Manage the design and transition of new or changed services
    • Create and approve a service design and transition package
    • Update a service design and transition package
  • Manage the organisational structure involved in delivering services


  • A complete and up-to-date service portfolio
  • Valid and consistent service descriptions / specifications
  • Service design and transition packages for new or changed services
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