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The chain to reach the device is a linear composition of

CL Host descriptor (CLHD) + CL descriptor (CLD) + CU descriptor (CUD) + Device descriptor (DD) = Device Pipe (DP)

Since it

  • CL Host descriptor (CLHD)
    This is the IP of the host that owns one or more CL executing threads, defined at boot. {uint32}.
  • CL descriptor (CLD)
    This is the IP port number use by CL and CHAOS subsystems to communicate. For each CL process there is a unique IP port, defined programmatically by the startup sequence. {uint32}
  • CU descriptor (CUD)
    This is the UUID of each CU call, composed by algorithmic sum of the controlled device descriptors {string}.
  • Device Descriptor (DD)
    Each device descriptor has unique identifier, a couple of (HUMAN_READABLE_DEVICE_NAME|UUID_DEVICE) {string|uint32}. For each new device, the DD has to be submitted to the name server for the registration in the database by the developer. Each CHAOS call in the device's DAQ has to be referred with DD. It is possible to change the HUMAN_READABLE_DEVICE_NAME but UUID_DEVICE not. DD has to be addressed in the CU level.

**CU name

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