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CSN4 resources: CSN4Cluster

CSN4Cluster is the centralized facility for parallel and serial computations reserved for the theoretical physics community (Gruppo IV). This service will be provided for the period 2010-2012, but the cluster is planned to remain operational even after year 2012. CSN4 will consider the possibility of upgrade or hardware expansions.

The installation has been finalized in summer 2010 at the site of the Sezione di Pisa and the technical management is provided by the staff of the "Settore Calcolo Scientifico di Sezione" under the supervision of Dr. Alberto Ciampa.

The scientific supervision of the cluster is managed by a special CSN4 Committee, chaired by Prof. Ettore Vicari.

Cluster NEWS

Cluster characteristics, access and usage can be found here: "Sezione di Pisa" wiki site

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