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  • Running the DAQ
  • Clean-up Procedure
  • DAQ Troubleshooting
  • Reset VME crates
  • ECAL map
  • SAC map
  • TARGET map
  • Check ECAL/SAC HV
  • Fixing tripped channel on ECAL
  • Diamond Target GUIDE
  • Diamond and Mimosa step motors - how to
  • Target and Mimosa Position - Target Monitoring
  • Setup vetos
  • Restart Reco online, RecoMonitor and trends
  • Run list
  • DCS alarm on shifter console
  • HV automatically set for all the ECAL channels
  • Set up to its standard value one single HV channel
  • Data acquisition of Timepix3
  • Timepix hard reset
  • How to restart the DAQ status monitor in DCS summary page
  • How to restart the monitor
  • Guide for remote shifters
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