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Activation and use of e-mail addresses

Versione italiana

INFN supports e-mail addresses on the domain for its users.

All users registered in AAI with a defined role (employee, associate or guest), who have an account on INFN systems, are reachable using the email address <uid>, where <uid> is the unique identifier of the user in INFN AAI (INFN IdP), usually the same as the username of local systems. It is also possible to activate an extended alias on demand, again in the domain.

Extended alias

To activate an alias like <name>.<surname> it you must connect to The site requires AAI authentication.

The proposed aliases are derived from names, surnames and other attributes registered in AAI.

You can register a single extended alias only, choosed among the proposals provided by the interface, which include various combinations of names and surnames, provided they have not already been used by other users.

If there is no free combination available, the interface does not offer any options, and the choice of an extended alias must be asked by interacting directly with the support.

Use of addresses in reception

Users are not asked to do anything to enable the receipt of e-mails sent to <uid> or <full-name> (if requested).

The addresses are implemented through aliases, that forward messages to the usual local (INFN site) mailbox. The final destination is determined automatically when the alias is created, based on the data recorded on AAI, .

It is possible that the configured destination should change, i.e. in case of site transfer that implies opening of new accounts at different locations and closing of old accounts. In this case the user can modify by herself the desired destination by accessing this URL, and selecting the destination from the ones available under the section Indirizzi o alias di posta elettronica locali.

Note: you can only select destinations within the INFN domain. Personal or external addresses, even if registered in AAI, will not be selectable.

Use of addresses as sender address (the address that appears in the "From:" field)

To use an address <uid> or <full-name> as the sender address of emails, you need to access the following URL , click on Scegli il tuo indirizzo principale and select that address as the "Primary Address".

Changing the e-mail address that appears in the "From:" field requires a few more steps: please refer to following instructions.

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