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cn:ccr:aai:en:tech:namespace:formazione:home namespace

Registrations in the namespace


eduPersonEntitlements defined in this namespace, grants access and permission to the "catalogo corsi" online

URN Value Reference Date registered
PREFIX:utente:<Locality> utente 2018-10-10
PREFIX:responsabile:<Locality> responsabile 2018-10-10
PREFIX:responsabile:nazionale responsabile 2018-10-10


eduPersonEntitlement:<Locality> grants access to "catalogo corsi" to users. Assigned by GODiVA groovy script to "Dipendenti" (strictly)

<Locality> can be one in the list "


eduPersonEntitlement:<Locality> grants permission to approve user requests made from users in the same "<Locality>". Assigned by GODiVA groovy script to "referenti per la formazione"

eduPersonEntitlement: grants permission to purchase courses approved. Assigned by GODiVA groovy script to "responsabile nazionale"

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