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 +===== Gruppo di lavoro 2 INFN su call europee H2020 =====
 +Il gruppo di lavoro 2 INFN definito il 26/8/2013 per analizzare le call europee H2020 ha il compito di esaminare le azioni 4 e 5 del Topic I della call europea in oggetto. I convenor sono Stefano Bagnasco, Giacinto Donvito e Davide Salomoni.
 +In particolare il gruppo si deve occupare di:
 +  * **Action 4**: Large scale virtualisation of data/​compute centre resources to achieve on-demand compute capacities, improve flexibility for data analysis and avoid unnecessary costly large data transfers.
 +  * **Action 5**: Development and adoption of a standards-based computing platform (with open software stack) that can be deployed on different hardware and e-infrastructures (such as clouds providing infrastructure-as-a-service (laaS), HPC, grid infrastructures...) to abstract application development and execution from available (possibly remote) computing systems. This platform should be capable of federating multiple commercial and/or public cloud resources or services and deliver PaaS adapted to the scientific community with a short learning curve. Adequate coordination and interoperability with existing e-infrastructures (including GÉANT, EGI, PRACE and others) is recommended.
 +In {{:​cn:​ccr:​cloud:​note_su_call.pdf|questa presentazione}} si trovano alcune note relative alle call in generale e alle possibili attività del gruppo di lavoro 2.
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