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AMS02 INFN ROMA and Sapienza University

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- 28-10-2021 IAC-2021 International Astronautical Conference Conference Web Site

IAF/IAA SPACE LIFE SCIENCES SYMPOSIUM (A1) - Radiation Fields, Effects and Risks in Human Space Missions

IAC-A1.5.1 (ID:63116)

Space Radiation Field Characterization Using the Astroparticle Operating Detectors.

A. Bartoloni, G. Della Gala, A.N. Guracho, G. Paolani, M. Santoro, L. Strigari, S. Strolin

- 05-11-2020

IEEE-NSS-MIC 2020 - 2020 Virtual IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference Conference Web Site "Can high energy particle detectors be used for improving risk models in space radiobiology ?" A. Bartoloni, S.Strolin, L.Strigari N-30-228- slides in pdf format video Poster - 13-11-2019 NASA briefing on AMS EVA #1 - 05-11-2020 - 04-11-2019 Pomeriggio Tematico INFN Roma e Università La Sapienza "Space Radiobiology and Precision Galactic Cosmic Ray Measurements - on how the AMS02 experiment on the International Space Station can help the radiation health hazard assessment in exploratory space missions" 04-11-2019 ore 14:00 Aula Conversi - Dipartimento di Fisica - Università degli studi La Sapienza di Roma Timetable and infos Indico page with slides - 02-11-2019 Tracker Thermal System Upgrade - NG-12 launched. Cygnus and the UTTPS are en route to capture by the ISS robotic arm at 09:10 UTC (10:10 Rome time). UTPPS launch - 27-09-2019 Space Radiobiology talk @SIF2019 - Annual Conference of the Italian Physical Society (SIF) L'Aquila 27/09/2019 SIF website AMS02 e Radiobiologia nello spazio (A.Bartoloni, L.Strigari) - 02-06-2017 Poster of AMS02 activities at Rome  AMS SPace RadioBiology ——— Internal Note ——— Presentazioni e documentazione Interna ——— Review ——— SCK-CEN Space Summer School 2019Alessandro Bartoloni 2019/10/28 19:15

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