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AMS02 INFN ROMA and Sapienza University

Latest News

- 04-11-2019

Pomeriggio Tematico INFN Roma e Università La Sapienza

"Space Radiobiology and Precision Galactic Cosmic Ray Measurements - on how the AMS02 experiment on the International Space Station can help the radiation health hazard assessment in exploratory space missions"

04-11-2019 ore 14:00 Aula Conversi - Dipartimento di Fisica - Università degli studi La Sapienza di Roma

Agenda e materiale informativo

- 02-11-2019

Tracker Thermal System Upgrade - NG-12 launched. Cygnus and the UTTPS are en route to capture by the ISS robotic arm at 09:10 UTC (10:10 Rome time).

UTPPS launch

- 27-09-2019

Space Radiobiology talk @SIF2019 - Annual Conference of the Italian Physical Society (SIF) L'Aquila 27/09/2019 SIF website

AMS02 e Radiobiologia nello spazio (A.Bartoloni, L.Strigari)

- 02-06-2017

Poster of AMS02 activities at Rome

 AMS SPace RadioBiology

——— Internal Note

——— Presentazioni e documentazione Interna

——— Review

——— SCK-CEN Space Summer School 2019

Alessandro Bartoloni 2019/10/28 19:15

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