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The Collaboration main page can be found here

LNF/"La Sapienza" Group

  1. A. Sciubba (Associate)
  2. V. Patera (Associate)
  3. A. Paoloni (Researcher)
  4. A. Sarti (Associate)
  5. E. De Lucia (researcher)
  6. L. Piersanti (Phd Student)
  7. M. Toppi (Phd Student)
  8. I. Mattei (Phd Student)

Ongoing Activities

The LNF/"La Sapienza" group is involved in several topics


mainly focused on the fragmentation measurement of therapeutical 12C beam at GSI with the FIRST experiment

  • Construction of a Thin scintillator Counter for TOF
  • Construction of Beam Monitor drift chamber


Several activities ongoing

  • FIRST experiment reconstruction software
  • MC simulation of FIRST experiment detectors
  • FLUKA simulations for TPS project
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