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The FIRST experiment reconstruction code design must cope with several different constraints

  1. Existing sub-detectors code is written in different languages
  2. Framework is not existent
  3. MC simulation is done in different languages

In order to put together everythin a 'modular' approach is mandatory. C++ together with design pattern strategy together with python seems the best way to go. In order to avoid to start writing from scratch the Framework Code, we have looked around in the HEP community and find out that there's a very good candidate as a framework for Particle Physics experiment code developement: Gaudi. Gaudi provides all the tools needed in order to build an application, higly modular and easily configurable, for I/O and data handling.

Tools/Code external links

  1. SVN
  2. Python


  • Using Gaudi Framework

Gaudi installation

  • SLC4 32 bit
  • Mac OSX

For detailed instructions on how to compile/run please follow the link

Event Model

The event model is being implemented using GaudiObjDesc (GOD) link that has been developed inside LHCb collaboration. In order to get it you can

  • use getpack (after having sourced the LbLogin.*sh script and SetupProject Gaudi)
  • access directly the LHCb sv nrepository here

A simple hack is needed to dump with proper namespace :: go to the script and replace LHCb with First until I understand how to pass options in the requirements

Dexter Application

The Dexter (Data EXtraction and Trigger and Event Reconstruction) application is currently being develeoped using the Gaudi Framework. The repository can be found here for users that have a cern account. Compiling and running is currently being tested only under slc4.

Check out the Project

In order to check out the Whole project you need to have svn installed on your PC.

svn co -N svn+ssh://


  • After SetupProject and other blabla…
  • Issue a global make
cmt br -global cmt config
cmt br -global cmt make

Sub detectors Pages

Beam Monitor

Coordinator: Alessio Sarti

Software Page

Start counter

Coordinator: Alessio Sarti

Software Page

Vertex detector


Coordinator: Francesco Romano


Coordinator: Francesco Romano

TOF wall

Calorimeter (?)

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