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The aim of the PLASMONX project is to provide the LNF (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati) with a world-class, high-power laser facility suitable for the development of an innovative, high-gradient acceleration technique based upon super-intense and ultra-short laser pulses, and X/gamma-ray tunable sources using Thomson scattering of optical photons by energetic electrons. The facility makes use of a new generation laser, FLAME, will be built in close interaction with the SPARC project presently in progress at LNF. The main purpose of the facility will consist in R&D activity aimed at the following objectives:

  • demonstration of high-gradient acceleration of electrons injected into electron plasma waves excited by ultra-short, high-power laser pulses;
  • development of a monochromatic and tuneable X-ray source in the 20-1000 keV range, based upon Thomson scattering of laser pulses by relativistic electrons.

Both lines require very bright and short electron bursts together with very high power laser pulses of sub-100 fs duration. Studies at the forefront of research in this field consistently indicate that the power level and the focused intensity for a laser system appropriate for these studies are >10TW and >1019 W/cm2 respectively. The activity will be carried jointly by three INFN units and one CNR unit. The R&D activity carried out at this facility will be open to some extent to external users, in particular for what concerns bio-medical oriented uses of the available sources for diagnose and therapy.

This page is a test draft, the official site still being here

The project is divided into two main streams:

Collaboration Issues

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