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OCP testbed

Testbed for AR2.5 and AR11.2-3 activities as from OCP Web Site

Relevant links for installation how-to are in Basic guide, wiki and Advanced guide


The names used below correspond to the ones in Advanced guide

  • Controller-01 (CN master): blade-03-08
  • Controller-02 (CN+NN backup): blade-03-09
  • Controller-03: (NN master): blade-03-10
  • Compute node: blade-04-16
  • Galera & RabbitMQ cluster: ocpvm-01, ocpvm-02 and ocpvm-03 on blade-04-13, blade-04-14 and blade-04-15
  • HaProxy & keepalived: ocpha-01, ocpha-02 on blade-04-13, blade-04-14
  • Heat+Ceilometer: blade-03-11
  • ClusterControl: ocpvm-cc on blade-04-15
  • Servers added in November 2014: ocp-ctrl, ocp-net, ocp-comp-01 and ocp-comp-02
  • Network layout available here (authorized users only)
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