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Geant4 Docker Image Isolpharm_Ag

Create the Image



Clone from GitHub the repository of the Geant4 code for the application and the docker image

git clone
git clone

Enter the directory applications in the docker-geant4 cloned repository

cd docker-geant4/applications

Substitute the file in the docker-geant4/applications with the of the G4_ISOL_RELEASE cloned repository.

cp ../../G4_ISOL_RELEASE/ .

Build the binaries of the application

./ [Geant4_data_abs_dir] [G4_ISOL_RELEASE_abs_dir] andreadotti/geant4-dev:10.3.p02

where the [Geant4_data_abs_dir] is the directory where the data downloaded from the Geant4 website is stored. The [G4_ISOL_RELEASE_abs_dir] is the directory where the G4_ISOL_RELEASE application is stored.

Build the image

./ -y andreadotti/geant4:10.3.p02-data ebagli/isolpharm

Tag the image

docker tag ebagli/isolpharm ebagli/isolpharm:latest

Push on Docker repositories

docker push ebagli/isolpharm:latest

Use the Image

Pull the Docker image from the online repositories

docker pull ebagli/isolpharm

Run the Docker image

docker run -v [output_abs_dir_on_host]:/output:rw -v [macro_abs_dir_on_host]:/macros/ ebagli/isolpharm / [macro_file_name] [--primaries]

where [output_abs_dir_on_host] is the directory where the output data will be stored and [macro_abs_dir_on_host] is the directory where the macros are stored. The [–primaries] flag is used to enable the generation of the primaries.

Close the Docker containers

List all the containers

docker ps -a

Stop all the running containers

docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)

Delete all the stopped containers

docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
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