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   cd ~   cd ~
   yum remove "​389*"​   yum remove "​389*"​
-  rm -rf /etc/dirsrv /​var/​lib/​dirsrv /​var/​log/​dirsrv /​usr/​lib64/​dirsrv /​usr/​share/​dirsrv /​var/​lock/​dirsrv+  rm -rf /etc/dirsrv /​var/​lib/​dirsrv /​var/​log/​dirsrv /​usr/​lib64/​dirsrv /​usr/​share/​dirsrv /​var/​lock/​dirsrv ​/​etc/​sysconfig/​dirsrv* /​etc/​tmpfiles.d/​dirsrv*
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